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Custom Data Sets

Custom Data Sets – Data Sets

For 20 years, Nutrition Business Journal has been the go-to source for tracking sales and product trends in the nutrition industry, but the way it brings those numbers and analysis together is unique. Only NBJ’s long-standing relationships and access to privately held business intelligence make this comprehensive look at the nutrition industry possible.

Whether data is required for the next Board Meeting to support a new product development, or to evaluate possible strategic decisions, the numbers and figures a brand uses is critical to its success.

How the Data is Compiled
  • NBJ defines the nutrition industry as including dietary supplements, natural and organic food and beverage, natural and organic food and beverage, and natural and organic personal care and household products.
  • Because the nutrition industry is private, NBJ creates its industry sales estimates in a top-down, iterative process.
  • Sales and growth statistics are a moving target subject to a great number of outside influences, but NBJ methodology relies on research and rigor to build reliable estimates.
What's Included
  • Excel doc of raw data for each data set purchased

Sample Data Set

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NBJ’s Methodology

Senior Industry Analyst Claire Morton explains NBJ’s distinct advantage that comes from its predictive data modeling and thorough research. Download our full methodology overview here.

Top 100 Dietary Supplements by US sales

Top 100 dietary supplement categories by 2017 U.S. sales. Includes sales for 2015-2017 and 2017 sales growth for each category.

Functional Food and Beverage Sales by Category 2006-2021e

Sales across 28 Functional Food and Beverage categories, with data from 2006-2017 and projections through 2021.

Top 50 US Supplement Companies by 2017 US Sales

Top 50 Supplement companies by 2017 U.S. Supplement sales. Includes 2016-2017 sales and 2017 sales growth for each company listed.

Beauty-from-Within Supplement Sales by Ingredient

Beauty-from-Within supplement sales by ingredient, with data from 2006-2017 and projections through 2021.

Gut Health Supplement Sales by Ingredient

Gut Health supplement sales by ingredient, with data from 2006-2017 and projections through 2021.

What Powers NBJ

Rick Polito
As Nutrition Business Journal's editor-in-chief, Rick Polito... read more

Bill Giebler
Managing Editor
An award-winning writer and seasoned natural products industry veteran... read more

Claire Morton
Senior Industry Analyst
Claire Morton is the Senior Industry Analyst for New Hope Network's Nutrition Business Journal... read more

Cindy Van Schouwen
Business Development Manager (303) 998-9305 Cindy Van Schouwen is the Business Development Manager... read more