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2018 Global Supplement Business Report

With so many dynamics shifting across so many cultures in so many places, no aspect of the supplement trade requires more attention, and more data, than the international markets. That’s never been more true than now as Asia eclipses U.S. sales for the first time and growth in sales for Africa and the Middle East comes in second only to the surprising strength of the Russia and Eastern Europe markets.

The NBJ Global Business Report is designed to help brands, product developers and investors understand this complex mix of demand, supply and regulation fueling a market that is clearly the future of the supplement industry. A collection of data tables and charts broken down by region and country paired with insight from industry leaders, the NBJ Global Business Report makes it possible to keep track and even keep ahead of that opportunity.

What's Included:

104 charts and graphs

14 Company Profiles

Raw data in Excel

Precedent and profit explain record-breaking M&A and promise more to come

104 Data-Driven Charts

  • $128 Billion Global Supplement Industry by Country or Region, 2017
  • Global Supplement Industry Sales and Growth, 2007-2021e
  • Global Supplement Industry Growth by Country or Region, 2008-2017
  • Global Supplement Industry Sales by Country or Region, 2007-2017
  • Gross Domestic Product of Select Key Markets, 2012-2021e
  • Gross Domestic Product Growth of Select Key Markets, 2013-2021e
  • Global Gross Domestic Product and Growth, 2012-2021e
  • Global Herb and Botanical Sales and Growth, 2007-2021e
  • Global Herb and Botanical Sales by Country or Region, 2007-2017
  • Global Vitamin and Mineral Sales and Growth, 2007-2021e
  • Global Vitamin and Mineral Sales by Country or Region, 2007-2017
  • China - Supplement Sales by Product, 2017
  • China - Supplement Sales and Growth, 2007-2021e
  • India - Supplement Sales by Product, 2017
  • Japan - Supplement Sales by Product, 2017
  • Australia and New Zealand - Supplement Sales by Product, 2017
  • Canada - Supplement Sales by Product, 2017
  • Eastern Europe and Russia - Supplement Sales by Product, 2017
  • Belgium and Luxembourg - Supplement Sales and Growth, 2007-2021e
  • France - Supplement Growth by Product, 2008-2021e
  • Germany - Supplement Sales and Growth, 2007-2021e
  • Italy - Supplement Sales by Product, 2017

And more!

14 Company Profiles

  • Alticor Inc. (Amway)
  • Bayer Group
  • Blackmores
  • Glanbia
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • GNC
  • Herbalife International
  • The Nature’s Bounty Co.
  • Nestlé (Atrium Innovations, Boost)
  • Nu Skin Enterprises
  • Pfizer
  • Sanofi
  • Schwabe Pharmaceuticals
  • USANA Health Sciences

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Report Snapshot

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Overview
1.1 Intro: The whys of the world
1.2 Historic highs
1.3 Blockchain or bust
1.4 World wide weed
1.5 You've been warmed
2.0 Asia / China
2.1 Intro: The China question
2.2 Trade war blues
2.3 The China paradox
2.4 Upwardly mobile
2.5 Chinese checkers
2.6 The big shut down
2.7 Q&A with Joy Wang of Ameizen LLC
3.0 Asia / India
3.1 Intro: Emerging India?
3.2 Subtext on the subcontinent
3.3 Supply chain transparency
3.4 Ancient principles, modern profits
4.0 Asia / Japan and all other Asian countries
4.1 Intro: Many stories
4.2 It's not just China
5.0 Australia/New Zealand
5.1 Intro: Love thy neighbor
5.2 The China-Australia connection
6.0 Canada
6.1 Intro: It's all good
7.0 Europe and Russia
7.1 Intro: Many markets
7.2 Channel dynamics across many borders
7.3 How consumer lifestyle trends impact the European supplements market
7.4 The sports nutrition industry is booming in Europe
7.5 The future of health claims for botanicals in the EU
8.0 Latin America
8.1 Intro: Southern exposure
8.2 Latin uprising
8.3 NAFTA 2.0
9.0 Middle East and Africa
9.1 Intro: Small markets, big growth
9.2 Africa by the numbers
10.0 United States
10.1 Intro: A story of channels 10.2 NDI fatigue
10.3 GNC finds a partner
10.4 CBD at retail: Risks vs rewards
10.5 Almighty Amazon

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